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National Youth Track Coaches Association Member Benefits

Member Benefits


1. Responsibility to constituency: Being responsible to the persons and sports organizations active in Youth Athletics;

· USATF Youth Coaches

· USATF Youth Athletes

2. ​Communication with coaches: Keeping coaches active in Youth Athletics informed of policy matters and reasonably reflecting the views of such coaches in the policy decisions of USATF and this Organization;

· Representative in the USATF Youth Committee

· Representative on the USATF Coaches Advisory Committee

3. Support of diversity in Athletics: Providing equitable support and encouragement for participation by all coaches in Youth Athletics, regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity, or disabilities;

· National Youth Track Coaches Association Zonal Coach of Year Award

· Coaches Recognition Awards

4. Coordination of certification and education:Providing the means for certification of coaches throughout this geographic area in all disciplines and at all levels of Youth Athletics;

· Coaching Enhancement Grants – Level 1 and Level 2

· Provide USATF Coaching Enhancement Grants Information

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USATF Membership

The USATF Adult Membership is for the athlete, coach, official, club admin, event director, volunteer, parent, fan and supporter of the sport.