About Us



Purposes: This organization shall have the following purposes:

Development: Developing interest and participation in the coaching of Athletics in the United States at the youth level; 

Management: Promoting Youth Athletics and athletes by promoting outstanding technical and ethical coaching, and by cooperating with and encouraging other organizations which promote the coaching of youth athletes; and 

Marketing: Generating public awareness, appreciation, and support for  Youth Athletics, USATF, and thus creating opportunities for athletes and  coaches in youth


Duties: This Organization shall have the following duties:

1) Responsibility to constituency: Being responsible to the persons and sports organizations  active in Youth Athletics; 

​2) Communication with coaches: Keeping coaches active in Youth Athletics informed of policy matters and reasonably reflecting the views of such coaches in the policy decisions of USATF and this Organization;

3) Support of diversity in Athletics: Providing equitable support and encouragement for participation by all coaches in Youth Athletics, regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity, or disabilities;

​4) Coordination of certification and education: Providing the means for certification of coaches throughout this geographic area in all disciplines and at all levels of  Youth Athletics;


Individuals: Any coach who coaches youth athletes who meets the criteria for individual membership as determined by USATF shall be eligible for membership.

Applications: Application for membership shall be in accordance with the USATF Bylaws and Operating Regulations for coaches.